Shawano Well Drilling, Inc., is now offering Directional Drilling / Boring services.

Trenchless technology, Directional drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), or horizontal boring, is an underground method of drilling to install service pipes and conduits while minimizing physical damage to the area above ground.  This method of drilling can be used for both highly congested residential areas and runs of multiple miles. Please contact us today for more information.

Call to schedule your well inspection or to have your water tested.

At Shawano Well Drilling, Inc., we not only drill water wells, but we specialize in bringing water into your home.

When you contract with us, there is no need to hire additional plumbers, excavators or electricians. We utilize our in-house staff and do the coordinating for you. Because we are a full service contractor, we are able to complete your well and water system project in a minimal amount of time with less effort needed on your part.

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