Well Inspections and Water Testing

Water quality testing and well inspection for real estate or just peace of mind. Common tests are Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate, Arsenic & Iron Bacteria.

Buying or Selling Home  Are you Selling or Buying a Home?

There are many issues that can cause a water outage. Once you’ve determined you have power to the system, give us a call. We will walk you through some quick solution or schedule a service call.

New Home Are you Concerned About your Water Quality? Pregnant, Nursing, Have Elderly or Young Children in your Home?

Water quality is always a concern.  It is of the utmost importance however, when you are pregnant, nursing, have young children, elderly or immune compromised family members in the home.  In addition, the DNR recommends well water for human consumption be tested at least once per year.  When was yours last tested?  Common tests include E. Coli, Bacteria, Iron, Lead, Arsenic and Nitrates.  Call us to have your well water sampled and tested today.

Low Quality Water Does your Well Water Have an Unpleasant Odor or Bad Taste?

Some common causes of well water odor and an unsavory taste can be easily rectified.  This is often caused by iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria or stagnant water.  Call our office today and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

Discolored Clothing Discolored Clothing?

On occasion, well water will discolor clothing and stain sinks and toilets.  This can be caused by high amounts of iron in your well water.  Give us a call today to help troubleshoot this problem.

High Arsenic Area Are you Located in a High Arsenic Level Location?

Some geological areas in WI are considered to have high arsenic in their ground water.  If your well exists in these areas, your well water may need to be tested frequently.  Please call our office for more information.

High Arsenic Area DNR Resources

DNR Resources coming soon.

Common Problems

Common problems and issues that prompt customers to our website.

  • New Construction
  • Upgrading Existing Well
  • Out of Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Poor Water Quality
  • Water Discolored
  • Sediment in Water
  • Water has Odor
  • Need More Water
  • Putting in Lawn Irrigation
  • Old Well is Slow
  • Since Storm / Have less/no water
  • Pump is Making Noise
  • Pressure Tank is Making Noise
  • Geothermal Heating System
  • Selling/Buying Home
  • I can hear my pump running constantly
  • I think my Pressure Tank is Water Logged
  • I have less water than normal
  • How do I Winterize my Cabin/Home
  • My Breaker Keeps Tripping